Monday, July 20, 2009

Bethany Angel Makedo

This is a beautiful doll that is available on Artfire. I can see her nestled in a cozy quilt on a stool in an entry way to greet your guests or to add that special "angelic" touch to a family room. She would be great added to any room in any home.

The artist is artisanmemories
You can see this beautiful doll at

SHe is describes as: Bethany Angel is made of Muslin. She is painted throughout her bodice and face. Her face is painted with water colours and her bodice is painted with red acrylics. Bethany's hair is adored with bells. She also wears a warm and natural collar with bells upon it. She also has warm an natural cuffs with bells. Her skirt is made of homespun. Her wings are made of Muslin and she is stained with a coffee aging mixture.
She has hand stitched eyebrows and a handstitched mouth. in her hands you will find a star with bells on each corner and a grapevine star wreath in the center.
She stands on a wooden candle stick.

Enjoy July and there's never enough time to prepare for Christmas!


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