Saturday, May 30, 2009

The theme is still flowers!

As I continue working on the gardens in and around the house, flowers are on my mind. Today I will be adding some Bleeding Hearts, Columbine, Jacob's Ladder, and other old time favorites.

We have two days of sunshine. Must make hay while the sunshines! lol

So, with this in mind, I found a beautiful hand painted wooden bowl with spring flowers and a happy rabbit romping through them. It on Artfire and presented byBRozypalcrafts.

She describes the item as:
This is a very nice wood bowl which I have hand painted, using a Jane Guthrie design.

It is a ten inch bowl. The bowl should be hand washed with a solf cloth.

I have the bowl on consignment; so please contact me for availability.

It can be seen at

Have a wonderful Saturday and enjoy the sunshine.

Hugs, Barb

Friday, May 29, 2009

More Flowers for Springtime!

Today I will actually get out to plant some flowers. The ground is drying up enough to work with. Yea!!!! The plants in the greenhouse are so ready to be outside!

So with flowers still on my mind, I found these beautiful poppies on Artifre. They are by HuckleberryArts and should help put you in a good mood today.

They are described as: Original Freehand painting on 6x6 canvas panel with acrylics and sealed

Signed numbered 1/1 and dated on back

This is the original!!!!!

You can see these beautiful flowers at:

Enjoy your Friday and take some time to stop and smell the flowers!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finally a day with some sunshine!!!!

To celebrate some sun----the rain is gone for a while--- we can all enjoy the relaxing spring colors in these ornies. Maybe soon, some of the flowers in my garden will finally be up and add to the colors around here.

These are presented on Artfire by WilmasWimzees.

She describes them as:
These prim and shabby bowl fillers are approx. 5 inches. They are made with coordinating pink fabrics that I tea stained for a great out of that old trunk appeal.
You will receive 3 of them. One embellished flower and heart, and one plain heart. They are embellished with decorative fringe and vintage buttons.
You will also receive the bookmark, which is printed on both sides.

They would go so well in a bowl or on a shelf. You could tuck them in that old cupboard for a great cottage chic look.

These were created with a pattern by prairie harvest arts. Bookmark graphic from

You can see them at:

Have a great Thursday..

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sending Flowers to you on a Rainy Day

It's been say rainy and overcast her the past few days in our area. This arrangement of prim flowers made this grey morning a little brighter, and we truly need that here.

It is brought to you by Artfire artist VintageKeepsakeTrunk ,

She describes it as: Here we have a Primitive Folk Art Grapevine Watering Can with Americana Yoyo Florals. This piece would display nicely as a centerpiece, shelf sitter, or placed on a bureau, table or halltree. It measures approximately 15" tall and 13"wide and 6" deep. This would also make a wonderful house-warming gift that is everlasting and never withers.

I have created this floral piece in the primitive fashion to give it that time-worn look. Each flower is hand-stitched into a nostalgic "yoyo" fabric circle, reminiscent of the olde fashioned yoyo quilts. Each flower is made from a different, but coordinating Americana print fabric in navy, rusty red, and cream stars and stripes designs. I have sewn a large rusty red lucite button with navy floss at the center of each flower. The fabric leaves are sewn from a hunter green leaf print fabric layered with interfacing and wire is inserted to make them poseable. The wire stems are wrapped in floral tape and then anchored into floral foam covered with spanish moss.

The eight yoyo flowers are arranged in a natural grapevine twig watering can wrapped with a coordinating patriotic flag fabric bow that is torn and tied in the front and embellished with another large rusty red button.

I have given this piece a primitive tag, aged with coffee-vanilla-cinnamon stain that I have carefully burnt the edges with a flame and topped it with a nostalgic print of a vintage greeting card showing a Vintage boy holding an American Flag with an olde cannon and his fire crackers that says "4th of July".

This piece has been lovingly made by me as my own concept and design and no pattern was used.

This design will come to you dated, signed and tagged with my own label Collectibles by Joan which states The Handcrafting and Time Invested in this Piece are its Own Mark of Quality.

You can see it at:

This item would be uplifting for everyday use and also for those Red, White and Blue Holidays throughout the year.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Perfect for the birds and your yard!!!!

Inviting for the birds and beautiful for your yard! I hope everyone can hear the birds in the morning. They are especially "talkative" in the morning here. It is a beautiful way to start the day.

This piece was created by Artfire artist barnwood4u who describes as follows: Awesome rustic barnwood birdhouse with Kentucky license plate roof. 13" tall at peak, 5 1/4"
wide and almost 5" deep. The knots on the front of this bird house are really eyecatching. Rusty nail perch salvaged from our barnwood and baling wire hanger from a local horsewoman complete this birdhouse.

Great Father's day gift or birthday gift!

We will ship direct to your friends and relatives if you would like to purchase this as a gift for that special someone!

Free shipping

You can see and more at:

Have a wonderful week and take some time to listen to the birds.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend is a time of picnics and celebrations.and also a time for reflection and remembrance.

In honor of this holiday we are going Red, White and Blue for the next few days.

This is a floor cloth that is perfect for an Americana theme.

A floorcloth was used in early American homes and is considered a traditional folk art.

This piece was created by Artfire artist, sandboxart.

This is a "wonderful little country painting for your dollhouse wee folk or your hitty doll. any questions about doll please contact. This is an ooak painting and will not be repeated or printed. you will always receive an original painting. only paint brushes are ever used.
Please see me at ……and on ebay for more paintings and vintage items. Member CDHM.ORG. Most are painted to have an aged vintage look."

It can be seen at:

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend.


A Touch of Old Europe- today


This is such a great piece. I appreciate the use of natural materials, which folk and primitive art do constantly, and this just was so bright and cheerful this morning. I couldn't resist.

The detail in the painting is excellent and this is an interesting combination of the traditional look of the nesting dolls with a slightly more modern take.

Imagine the glow coming from the stars on a quiet summer night!

I saw this gourd this morning and it made me smile, and if you saw the to-do list for today, you would understand the need to start the day smiling. I will try hard to keep to that way. (Aside from regular farm chores, son #2 is coming home for the weekend- that's good! Perfectionist DD is getting ready for a 5 day camping trip to do medieval re-enacting-very stressful. The shearer for the sheep is finally coming about a month late. He won't do llamas. The guys continue to finish taking down trees -many , many trees- left partially down by spring storms. There is so much more.....) Time for that cup of tea and spend a few more moments enjoying this "happy" gourd.

This gourd is presented by sixsproutdesigns on Artfire.

This reminds me of the Romanian nesting dolls. This hard shelled, dried gourd is huge and beautiful. It stands over a foot tall and I have hand carved and hand painted it. All the paint and varnish are non toxic and have no VOC's so it is earth-friendly and the canvas is a GOURD! She has a light that is made to fit in the back and plug in to make her cut outs glow from stars and a heart and the steam from the tea pot. This is One Of A Kind.

Take a look at this lovely item. I am sure it will make you smile also.

Happy Thursday!!!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Can you think of a better home in which to see some prims sitting on the tables, chairs, front porch and more.....

When I see this wonderful piece, my imagination starts constructing a family, location and a story line. Just fun stuff. Plus I appreciate the detail this work has.

It is named MIZZ HATFIELD'S MOUNTAIN CABIN and is presented by crackerjack1 on Artfire.

From the artist: This cabin has 4 windows and 4 window boxes, 2 in front and 2 in back. There is 1 chimney and 1 full front porch.
I built this out of recycled stuff - wood, metal and packaging materials. All the little wooden planks are cut and sanded. The metal roof is made to look rusty. It takes about a month of spare time. Dimensions: 7 1/2" wide x 6 1/2" deep x 5 3/4" high. 1/48th or model RR O scale.
I pay the shipping for US buyers.
If you own a cabin or your own and would like it modeled, please contact me.
I shoot photos of old barns and cabins when we travel in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. Usually, the cabin/barn I build is in better shape than the one I saw. These kinds of buildings often collapse and are gone forever. I think making them is a lost skill. They are rarely painted, and I love the look of the weathered wood. Who knows what stories these places could tell if they could talk?

You can see this beautiful cabin at:

Enjoy a piece of prime prim real estate in your own home!!!!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A rope doll , a sweet reminder on the past.

Again, sitting here with my tea, yes I love tea, I was looking for something wooden or hand painted to contrast to yesterday's doll. But I found this, and that was it. It is a piece that demands attention in a gentle way. I also appreciated the description of using what was available to create something beautiful and necessary. Giving a gift to your children when times are difficult can apply to more than the 1800s. It also reminded me of the wonderful stories my great grandfather would tell about his homesteading days in Minnesota and Iowa. And for those of us on farms or in a rural area, it makes what we do with baling twine and fencing wire, for repairs and such, seem that much more valid. It is true that almost anything can be fixed with baling twine, fencing wire and/or duct tape. lol

This doll is in the Artfire shop belonging to Americana Creations.

The description: "When times were tough, and there was nothing in the budget for birthdays, Christmas, or those "special" times... enterprising parents would come up with ideas like this...a cute little doll...made of just plain hemp rope."

"Turn of the century life was hard, and little items like this made it bearable for the little ones. These are based on some small dolls my grandmother had in her home. "

This simple but meaningful doll can be found at:

A handmade gift of love is something that will always be remembered and treasured--- often for more than one generation.

Americana Creations is in Wyoming. Greetings from a former Montanan. It was a wonderful place to grow up. Winters were spent on skis and spring, summer and autumn were spent riding my incredible Welsh Mountain Pony, Ruby, my best friend.

Monday, May 18, 2009

A blog update

This is a fairly new blog and over the recent days a site counter has been added.

Also added is a list of ArtFire blogs for artists in the Folk Art and Primitives category. If you sell on Artfire and would like your blog added, please leave a comment and I will get a hold of you.

I have added a link to the Primitive Handmade Directory and am asking for a reciprocal link from them. I will do this for other directories as I have time.

If any of you have ideas to promote this blog, please let me know. Working together to get the word out is wonderful for all of us.

Take care and Hugs,

Good Monday Morning!!!!

It's Monday, and the horses and llamas are watered and the greenhouse is looking good. While enjoying my cup of tea and I saw this doll on Artfire and had to share it with you. Her head is from a gourd and there is so much love and work put into her. So much detail! Take a peak.

Her name is LILY and she holds a bear named Jingle.
She is presented by Holly Ridge Creations.

"Jingle Bear is Lily's very best friend and she won't go anywhere without him. Just the thought of leaving him behind brings out her stubborn streak...I think that's why she has "the" look on her face. So, I want to let you know upfront that if you adopt Lily you also get Jingle Bear. He is a really nice bear, he eats practically nothing and the little bell around his neck barely makes a sound. Also, Lily is so much more pleasant when Jingle Bear is snuggled against her. She is actually a sweet little thing herself...just lonely."

"Lily is 15" tall. Her dress and bonnet are made of muslin and they both tie with ivory colored ribbons. The bonnet is trimmed with vintage looking cotton lace and all the items have been stained with my coffee and vanilla stain. Jingle Bear has also been stained with the coffee and vanilla stain and then rubbed with spices. He has a tiny, rusty bell tied around his neck with a red satin ribbon."

"I design and make each of the Holly Ridge Creation dolls and their clothes. The doll''s heads are hand-painted gourds. I paint each one freehand so no two will ever be exactly alike. The body is made of painted muslin. I have stuffed the arms and legs with rags (torn strips of fabric) and the body is filled with sawdust. The head and body are stained with my coffee and vanilla stain."

"This is an original Holly Ridge Creation and will come to you signed and dated. My dolls are one-of-a kind, collectible items and are not toys. They are not intended for children."

She can bee seen at:

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Monday.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Armed Forces Day-USA

I woke up this morning, turned on the TV and heard the sounds of a USO group singing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy! It's an old tune but still can get you moving!

Little known fact I share but will today. A group of us sang that and more when we were part of a group called the Clef Dwellers and were fortunate enough to make the cut to tour as a USO entertainment group. We toured the Pacific Rim, including Japan, Korea and the Philippines.
We saw and learned so much. South Korea was under martial law and had curfews at the time. We played in the waves of an incoming typhoon in Manila (yes, we were stupid kids-mostly from the Midwest). And we sang and danced to entertain our troops. Our shows took place in large auditoriums and small camps. We flew around on Huey helicopters most of the time. We shared meals with Admirals and Generals and Privates and Lieutenants.
I will never forget walking past armed Korean soldiers (when they were under an emergency act or marital law) on the street corners. I began to realize and value the many freedoms we have in our country. It was a life changing experience and one in which I began to understand the dedication of our armed forces and the conribution they make for us.

So in honor of Armed Serivces Day the Folk and Primtive Artists of Artfire Present: Prim Gal's


This sitter block measures 5-1/2"x4"x1". Made of wood, I have aged the block by a series of washes, and then painted this John Sliney design of the American flag, with a crow. The crow holds a star that reads "Peace". These blocks very primitive, aged, and antiqued for a very time worn appearance.

From the Artisan:
Here at Primgals, you will find a variety of handpainted primitive, folkart, and cottage style home decor. All of my items are painted especially for you at the time of sale, so no two items are ever alike. I will be adding new items often so please be sure to stop by often.

You can see these at:

Happy Armed Forces Day !!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Finally Friday !!!!!

To celebrate the end of a long week of storms, high winds and rain, I decided a little music is in order. Something soothing and what better than a music box with a folk art angel.

This angel is brought to us by Jule Haymaker Thompson of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Julie - tell us about the middle name! Makes me think...."Making hay while the sun shines," which is an efficient statement in more than baling hay. (It's Friday, and it has been a long week and this is a blog and I can have some fun.)

This piece is comforting to look at and has an innocent look. It is a little crank music box 5 x .
Materials used are paper clay, paint, glass glitter, pearls, mica ,wooden pegs ,chip board, mica, and a crank music box.

It can be seen at:

Everyone have a good weekend and I hope you do what you need to do: yard work, gardening, shopping, relaxing and spending time with those you love.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Art Fire did it !!!!!!!!

Artfire has been amazingly cooperative and helpful in the work I wish to do on this blog. A short time ago I made a request that they develop a Rapid Fire cart for just Folk Art and Primitives.

They did it!!!!!!!!!

They actually pulled a person off another project to help us!!

Artfire is responsive and positive and willing to help us all share our crafts and arts with the world.

In addition, they quickly added the subcategories I requested for our category. We now have ornies/bowl filler, make-dos, and shelf sitters.

A special thanks to John, President of Artfire for help with the Rapidfire cart and referring me to Kirsten for the help with categories.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!

From the Folk and Primtive Artists


Last night there were very strong storms. We probably lost a couple of trees out back--the winds were especially strong. Strangely, I slept very well and as result woke up late-a very unusual thing around here.

This morning the sun is out, the skies are clear and though windy, it is a beautiful day. Today I will plant the flowers in the hanging pots on the front of the porch. So I am in a mood to see some flowers.

And here are some beautiful hand painted flowers on a shaker box.

This was created by Coco on Artfire: She describes the inspiration for this piece. This design is an adaptation of a Scottie Foster design originally painted on an Heirloom Coffee and Tea Service that was crafted in tin by Robert Faulkner. The deep rich red flyspecked background combined with a mixture of country and baroque stylized flowers give this farmhouse style piece a touch of elegance.

It is a Country Casual Treasure is a 12” diameter (3.5” high) round box hand painted by Coco Watkin in a German Bauernmalerei style. The box itself is light weight yet sturdy—similar to a Shaker style box. It was handcrafted by Snaggy Hollow Craftsmen in Saluda, NC from Blue Ridge Mountain grown poplar trees. Crafted without the finger overlaps or brass brads, this simpler box perfectly compliments the casual country character of the painted design. The interior has a medium dark brown stain finish.

You can see it at:

Enjoy this beautiful piece of art. It is a chance to enjoy the fine craftsmanship of yesterday at today's prices.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Rise and Shine, its a brand new day!!!!
Roosters really do crow in the morning, but it has been my experience that it is often when the sun is not up yet. To celebrate those unexpected living alarm clocks, thought I would share this great Rooster make so with you.

He is bright and ready to start the day - even if you are not!!!!

He has been finely crafted by Artfire artist, artisanmemories, who has some fine work available.

Chicken Little is a wonderful beauty and is a chicken made of muslin, hand painted and grunged with a coffee stain that smells oh so good.

She is standing on the tiniest of wooden candlesticks that has been painted red, and sits oh so fine! She is the perfect accessory for any kitchen!!

This pattern is a Gloria Lowell design.

You can see this cheerful piece at:

From the Artisan:
I'm Laura Ann from Artisan Memories. I love all things primitive...but I LOVE Annies...a lot of my work reflects that.
I hope that you will come and take a look around. If you're finding something you just have to have...don't wait..grab it up!!!

So enjoy your weather, rain or shine and take a look at these and other fine pieces of folk and primitive art at Artfire.

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Olde Annie Arts presents this soft pastel gathering of hearts and a lone birds. It is so reminiscent of the colors in the quilts my great grandmother made. She made beautiful quilts. The cheesecloth bow adds an ever so soft finishing touch.

This is a one-of-a-kind gathering using an old cheese grater. Tucked in top of the grater are three hearts made from a cutter quilt, stained and baked. Tucked behind the hearts is a sweet little dove made from unbleached muslin, stained and baked to reveal a nicely age undercoat. The dove has been left unpainted. Behind the hearts and dove is some pine greenery, pine cones and cream pip berries -- everything tucked in all nice and snug. Around the top of the grater is a piece of stained cheese cloth tied into a bow. And hanging from it is a sweet little prim tag that reads "Love You Forever". (Tag may be changed to read whatever you would like.) Measures 10 inches wide by 11 inches tall.

Please check out this and other items by this fine artist on:

Happy Tuesday and remember: Simplify


Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Monday Morning!!!!

Sometimes the simplicity and usefulness of an item are a part of its purpose in a home but when a useful item is beautiful, it adds to the feeling of comfort order that help make a house a home. Today's item is all of those and more.

I appreciate the simplicity of the design of these stacking boxes and as I am one for the organizing aspect of a home, these boxes are wonderful. Just think how these could be used. I can see them in a kitchen, bathroom, entryway, family room....anywhere. They are perfect to tuck away those necessary items that you just don't want out cluttering the home.

These are presented by Primgal, and you can see them at:

Jody or Primgal describes herself as: I am a self taught decorative artist who loves to paint in the primitive, folk art, cottage style. Everything is handpainted here in my home studio, in Illinois. I have been painting for over 18 years, and selling my work at juried craft shows, local markets, Ebay, and the Web. I hope you enjoy looking at what I have to offer......Blessings to All........Jody

Please stop by her Artfire shop and see the wonderful things she has to offer.


Saturday, May 9, 2009


Organize in primitive style with a desk caddy that reminds us of days gone by.

This caddy was finished by of Country Store at Your Door.

Great wood caddy that I have finished using my prim mixture along with spices to give it a unique look. This is a lazy susan, which is a great little organizer for everything. Approx. 8" tall and 7" wide. Has 5 compartments. The large one in the middle then one on each side with a divider. As you can see in the photo you can fit alot, I have a spiral bound book in the middle with a stationary pad. I love the color too! I can do another color for you if you want ... requests are always welcomed.

It is only $14.99

For this item and more take a look at :

Happy Mother's Day Weekend


Friday, May 8, 2009

A beautiful Primitive Mom and Baby doll from WILMASWIMZEES

Saw this mom and baby set and had to show it to you. And its just in time for Mother's Day.

I love this set. Look at mom's feet. Beautifully done. Detailed facial features and exaggerated hands and feet. Forgive my English Major background (yes, one of those) but I could say that the symbolism of the hands and feet are that they have worked so hard for the children, that they have grown in size to accommodate mom's loving work. Maybe the hands are there for being always able to give a "helping hand." Maybe to give bigger and better hugs. The lost goes on.........

About the doll: This Doll is made from muslin and painted. She has watercolor pencil eyes as does her baby. Momma is about 22" tall. Momma has machine sculpted nose mouth and brows. The two of them have dresses made of matching fabric with rosebuds on it. I aged their dresses. Their hair is raw wool and is needlefelted on their heads.

From Alice, creator of this doll:

Enjoy Mother's Day! If you are a mom, lucky you, and if your mother is still here, again, lucky you!

I am happy to be a mom and have a wonderful mom. Think I will make aebilskiver (Danish pancakes) for all on Sunday.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dog Treat Basket

This basket is available from Baskets by Rose. Please check out her information on Tuesday's post.

You can see this basket at:

Take some time to see her baskets and the other fine items offered on Artfire by fine Folk and Primitive Artists and Craftspeople.

Another day on Artfire!!!

The selection of baskets is wonderful!

Baskets are some of my favorite organizational and decorating tools. They are all over my home. They hide and organize anything you need. Large baskets contain a variety of wool from my sheep and llamas. Sewing supplies are tucked away, hidden but accessible. A basket in the entryway for ingoing and outgoing mail is a great idea.

Whatever you needs are, we have a fine selection on Artfire.

Today's basket is a doggy treat basket for our best friend. My dog's name is buddy and that is exactly what he is. This basket would be wonderful to hold his treats and I would put it in the kitchen or by the door to reward him for all his good work--he helps herd the sheep and keeps an eye on everything. He's great!!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

day 2 of "a tisket a tasket- a primitive basket"

Today we feature a picture of a basket. Simplify is by the artist Mary Ann June. Measures 141/2" x 181/2". The frame is a distressed Berry Red. The print has been through a sealing process so no need for glass. The back is finished with a dust cover and a sawtooth hanger. It is available for $25 at Artfire through country nest.

It can be seen at:

My Country Nest is a great place to find framed country art work. All the frames are handmade. All by licensed artists with a frame color to compliment each print.

Happy shopping.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A tisket a tasket - a week of primitive baskets!

This week I will feature baskets made by fine craftspeople and available on Artfire.

Today , a wonderful basket by Rose of Baskets by Rose. It is an Old Salem Bread Basket.

Hand woven basket to hold fruit, bread, rolls, make up, with a plastic liner a plant. The color in this basket is black. Size is 8 1/2" across the top and stands 4 1/2" tall.

I love these type of baskets. I use them all year round and they make a picnic table look special. My daughter is an excellent bread maker and is very particular on how her work is displayed and offered to both family and friends.

Please stop by Rose's shop and take a look at this and other items offered.

A bit about Rose by Rose: I have been weaving baskets for 16 years. I started selling on line this year, and in the past I have done art fairs, craft shows, and markets. I keep myself busy, but not to busy to enjoy family and friends. If you need a basket let me know we can work on color, and size.

You can see them at:

Have a good Tuesday!

Welcome to my new blog!!!!

Cheers for folk art and primitives. Our farm slogan is

"The best of the Past for a Better Future."

That is what I believe folk and primitive art is all about!!!!

Art Fire is a wonderful website for artists of those handmade, finely crafted items that we all look for to make our homes more pleasant. Every home, office or other space should be a place where we are comfortable, and which in turn, makes us more relaxed, productive or whatever that space needs to be.

We reflect ourselves in what we surround ourselves with.

Here I hope you will find some of the best of what is offered on Artfire, to help reflect the feeling of respect for times past, comfortable, efficient and simple living but life that is filled with love and heart.

New fun with a new blog!!!