Thursday, July 9, 2009

They hung the stockings with care.......

Get enough for your family now!
Basketsbyrose presents a traditional Christmas stocking for you to enjoy. She describes it as: Quilted Christmas Stocking in the crazy quilt pattern. Machine fancy stitching adds charm. Made from fannel fabric, with scrape quilt batting for the top trim piece. A jingle bell has been sewn on. Great for males, or cabin decoration. Size 20" x 13". Will hold a lot of goodies on Christmas morning.

This item is green, made from scrap fabric.

I can see a whole row of these mounted on the mantel of the fireplace, going up the banister and you could always include them in that care package to the loved ones who cannot be with you for Christmas.

Christmas stockings are a wonderful tradition that we all love.

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Merry Christmas in July,

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