Thursday, June 18, 2009

Chinese Ethnic Dolls

This just seemed perfect today.

Dave and I just said good bye the a very sweet Chinese exchange student and took her back to her host family last night. Today she returns to Beijing. There were many tears and hugs. Dave and friends took her to see Galena and the Mississippi. They also spent time in Wisconsin in Madison. It is amazing how much you can come to think a person in such a short time. I believe this friendship will last a long time. Thank heaven for email. Cherry, we will miss you.and talk to you soon. Hugs to a wonderful young woman.

Anyway these dolls are offered and shipped form Hong Kong.

Handmade Chinese Ethnic-Minority Dolls

A collection of 5 dolls representing 5 different ethnic minorities in China. All are decorated with beautiful and colorful costumes, headdresses with tassels of their individual tribe.

All wooden dolls are handmade with high quality and meticulous detail.

Great for living room decoration, gifts or simply for your collection.

All products are produced by local professionals in the Yunnan Province of China in order to keep the cost at a minimum.

Stands 14cm - 15.5 cm ( 5.5 inch - 6 inch)

Other items are available, please contact me at
if you have any specific request/questions.

Thank you!!
they can be seen at:

Just a note. I have contacted this Artfire contributor and suggested the they get a hold of Artfire to finish putting their shop together. It is lacking payment method, etc. It can be difficult getting acquainted with new avenues to sell, and I wish them luck.

Hugs Barb

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  1. The Chinese traditional dresses are noted for their elegance, wide range of colors, and intricate (even meticulous) detail. I say these dolls have accomplished those characteristics. Dolls' clothes are so fun to make because it brings out the artist in every crafter. These dolls are just so cute!

    Chris Jeffery