Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wonderful Workmanship!!!

New to Artfire!!!!!
This is a wonderful example of old school workmanship and nearly a lost art!
You can see this and other wonderful pieces at:


The artist explains his work:

Before matches were introduced in 1830, a fire would have been started with flint and steel. This unit would have contained flint, steel, charcloth, tinder(strips of cloth), a candle stub and a dome shaped extinguisher.
The flint, steel, cloth, and candle stub are not included. This is a great item for living history reenactors!
Although it is shown in natural tin, it is available in your choice of finishes.
It measures 5.5"w x 3.25"h.

Available finishes include:
The Antique finish simulates aged tinware. It is hand rubbed to highlight the patina and coated with a metal paste wax to give the metal a soft sheen. An occasional dusting with a soft cloth is all that is needed.

The Rust finish is actually a painting technique. Each piece is primed and painted to give the feel of real rust. It has the appearance of rust without the devastating effects. Please clean with a soft dry cloth.

My Natural tin finish is the look of shiny tinware when new. Each item is washed and hand polished. Over the years, the tinware will develop a rich patina. Clean with a soft dry cloth.

Please let me know your preferred finish.

Thank you,
The Village Tinner

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