Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Back....

I took a couple of days off for my son's graduation. There is still more to do but it is back to a dull roar here!

I want to thank the people at Blockhead Radio for featuring my shop on their website!
Please take a look at the this site and enjoy it. It has many things to offer.

Today's featured item is a wonderful prim dress from PrimPickins on Artfire.

The artist describes the dress:
This is a hamdmade prairie dress, measures about 25 inches in length. I used a cotton material in a brown & cream color. The collar is a piece of vintage doily and there are three mismatched vintage colored buttons down the bodice. I filled the pocket with some dried florals, a cinnamon stick and pip berries. Then I added a grungy tag that says PRAIRIE and has a tiny skeleton key attached. The hanger was made using a stick from my yard and some wire.

Inspiration / Story behind this Product:
I would say my inspiration comes from a love of old time stuff, I think I was born in the wrong century LOL I am intrigued by vintage things, clothing, housewares, furniture. I was lucky enough to find a beautiful old Hoosier cabinet in N.C. and it now proudly sits in my Florida home . I love going junking to find new treasures for it and my home.

To see this and more fine offering from Prim Pickins, go to:




  1. Congratulations to your son! My baby sister just graduated from High School this past weekend, too *sigh* Also congrats on the BlockheadRadio feature.

    I stopped by to let you know that you've gained a mention on the Blogfire Guild blog. I've passed on an award for having a lovely blog.

  2. Congrats to you for having your shop featured on Bloghead Radio. That was a wonderful article! And congrats to your son! I'm done with graduations for awhile...six years to be exact! ~~Annie