Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Armed Forces Day-USA

I woke up this morning, turned on the TV and heard the sounds of a USO group singing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy! It's an old tune but still can get you moving!

Little known fact I share but will today. A group of us sang that and more when we were part of a group called the Clef Dwellers and were fortunate enough to make the cut to tour as a USO entertainment group. We toured the Pacific Rim, including Japan, Korea and the Philippines.
We saw and learned so much. South Korea was under martial law and had curfews at the time. We played in the waves of an incoming typhoon in Manila (yes, we were stupid kids-mostly from the Midwest). And we sang and danced to entertain our troops. Our shows took place in large auditoriums and small camps. We flew around on Huey helicopters most of the time. We shared meals with Admirals and Generals and Privates and Lieutenants.
I will never forget walking past armed Korean soldiers (when they were under an emergency act or marital law) on the street corners. I began to realize and value the many freedoms we have in our country. It was a life changing experience and one in which I began to understand the dedication of our armed forces and the conribution they make for us.

So in honor of Armed Serivces Day the Folk and Primtive Artists of Artfire Present: Prim Gal's


This sitter block measures 5-1/2"x4"x1". Made of wood, I have aged the block by a series of washes, and then painted this John Sliney design of the American flag, with a crow. The crow holds a star that reads "Peace". These blocks very primitive, aged, and antiqued for a very time worn appearance.

From the Artisan:
Here at Primgals, you will find a variety of handpainted primitive, folkart, and cottage style home decor. All of my items are painted especially for you at the time of sale, so no two items are ever alike. I will be adding new items often so please be sure to stop by often.

You can see these at:

Happy Armed Forces Day !!!!

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