Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Touch of Old Europe- today


This is such a great piece. I appreciate the use of natural materials, which folk and primitive art do constantly, and this just was so bright and cheerful this morning. I couldn't resist.

The detail in the painting is excellent and this is an interesting combination of the traditional look of the nesting dolls with a slightly more modern take.

Imagine the glow coming from the stars on a quiet summer night!

I saw this gourd this morning and it made me smile, and if you saw the to-do list for today, you would understand the need to start the day smiling. I will try hard to keep to that way. (Aside from regular farm chores, son #2 is coming home for the weekend- that's good! Perfectionist DD is getting ready for a 5 day camping trip to do medieval re-enacting-very stressful. The shearer for the sheep is finally coming about a month late. He won't do llamas. The guys continue to finish taking down trees -many , many trees- left partially down by spring storms. There is so much more.....) Time for that cup of tea and spend a few more moments enjoying this "happy" gourd.

This gourd is presented by sixsproutdesigns on Artfire.

This reminds me of the Romanian nesting dolls. This hard shelled, dried gourd is huge and beautiful. It stands over a foot tall and I have hand carved and hand painted it. All the paint and varnish are non toxic and have no VOC's so it is earth-friendly and the canvas is a GOURD! She has a light that is made to fit in the back and plug in to make her cut outs glow from stars and a heart and the steam from the tea pot. This is One Of A Kind.

Take a look at this lovely item. I am sure it will make you smile also.

Happy Thursday!!!!


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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful words and picture of my gourd! It has been an interesting morning with 4 pre-teen girls and your blog made my day. good Timing! Thanks, Jennifer Goode