Monday, May 18, 2009

A blog update

This is a fairly new blog and over the recent days a site counter has been added.

Also added is a list of ArtFire blogs for artists in the Folk Art and Primitives category. If you sell on Artfire and would like your blog added, please leave a comment and I will get a hold of you.

I have added a link to the Primitive Handmade Directory and am asking for a reciprocal link from them. I will do this for other directories as I have time.

If any of you have ideas to promote this blog, please let me know. Working together to get the word out is wonderful for all of us.

Take care and Hugs,


  1. Hi there!!
    SO nice to see a blog promoting
    Art-Fire artisans from the folk-art
    category!! I'll be adding you to my blog roll and planning a little blog write-up about Art-fire this week..
    My shop is brand new, and
    I just listed a couple of my items today!
    A tiny debut..
    lol but More to come this week..;-)
    You can find me at

    Hope you have a wonderful evening!
    Kristine ;-)

  2. Hi're doing a great job here! Thank you for all your effort in promoting ArtFire. Would love for you to add me to your blog roll. My blog is at My ArtFire id is OldeAnnieArt. Keep up the great work! ~~Annie

  3. Hi Barb. My Artfire store is ByCoco and I sell both stained glass and hand painted folk art collectibles.
    My blog is ByCoco's Art for Everyday Enjoyment and the URL is:
    I recently joined a Creative Bloggers Blog Ring where members of the ring all post articles pointing to one blog and the feature blog is rotated from week to week. They are in the process of starting a new ring and you can find out more about this blog promotion tool by going to
    Good luck and thanks for all you are doing.