Friday, May 15, 2009

Finally Friday !!!!!

To celebrate the end of a long week of storms, high winds and rain, I decided a little music is in order. Something soothing and what better than a music box with a folk art angel.

This angel is brought to us by Jule Haymaker Thompson of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Julie - tell us about the middle name! Makes me think...."Making hay while the sun shines," which is an efficient statement in more than baling hay. (It's Friday, and it has been a long week and this is a blog and I can have some fun.)

This piece is comforting to look at and has an innocent look. It is a little crank music box 5 x .
Materials used are paper clay, paint, glass glitter, pearls, mica ,wooden pegs ,chip board, mica, and a crank music box.

It can be seen at:

Everyone have a good weekend and I hope you do what you need to do: yard work, gardening, shopping, relaxing and spending time with those you love.


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  1. Hi Barb, Hmm about my middle name. I love it . It was my wonderful husband Mark Haymaker's name .He has passed away .I am now remarried to another wonderful sweet man ... Cal Thompson . So I combined both names . Plus I think there are a god zillion Julie Thompson's and Haymaker is a very rare sur name. I love the name and I think there is only one Julie Haymaker thompson. It is also so easy to remember . thanks for asking and featuring my work!!!