Monday, May 18, 2009

Good Monday Morning!!!!

It's Monday, and the horses and llamas are watered and the greenhouse is looking good. While enjoying my cup of tea and I saw this doll on Artfire and had to share it with you. Her head is from a gourd and there is so much love and work put into her. So much detail! Take a peak.

Her name is LILY and she holds a bear named Jingle.
She is presented by Holly Ridge Creations.

"Jingle Bear is Lily's very best friend and she won't go anywhere without him. Just the thought of leaving him behind brings out her stubborn streak...I think that's why she has "the" look on her face. So, I want to let you know upfront that if you adopt Lily you also get Jingle Bear. He is a really nice bear, he eats practically nothing and the little bell around his neck barely makes a sound. Also, Lily is so much more pleasant when Jingle Bear is snuggled against her. She is actually a sweet little thing herself...just lonely."

"Lily is 15" tall. Her dress and bonnet are made of muslin and they both tie with ivory colored ribbons. The bonnet is trimmed with vintage looking cotton lace and all the items have been stained with my coffee and vanilla stain. Jingle Bear has also been stained with the coffee and vanilla stain and then rubbed with spices. He has a tiny, rusty bell tied around his neck with a red satin ribbon."

"I design and make each of the Holly Ridge Creation dolls and their clothes. The doll''s heads are hand-painted gourds. I paint each one freehand so no two will ever be exactly alike. The body is made of painted muslin. I have stuffed the arms and legs with rags (torn strips of fabric) and the body is filled with sawdust. The head and body are stained with my coffee and vanilla stain."

"This is an original Holly Ridge Creation and will come to you signed and dated. My dolls are one-of-a kind, collectible items and are not toys. They are not intended for children."

She can bee seen at:

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your Monday.


  1. Great use of a gourd ,I must peek at her other work!! Julie

  2. What a beautiful doll! Thanks for sharing this artist with us. :)

  3. Barb, I love your blog and was checking to see what you were sharing today. Oh wow...I was so surprised to see Lily and Jingle bear. Thanks so much for showcasing her...can you see the big smile on my face? :-)