Friday, May 8, 2009

A beautiful Primitive Mom and Baby doll from WILMASWIMZEES

Saw this mom and baby set and had to show it to you. And its just in time for Mother's Day.

I love this set. Look at mom's feet. Beautifully done. Detailed facial features and exaggerated hands and feet. Forgive my English Major background (yes, one of those) but I could say that the symbolism of the hands and feet are that they have worked so hard for the children, that they have grown in size to accommodate mom's loving work. Maybe the hands are there for being always able to give a "helping hand." Maybe to give bigger and better hugs. The lost goes on.........

About the doll: This Doll is made from muslin and painted. She has watercolor pencil eyes as does her baby. Momma is about 22" tall. Momma has machine sculpted nose mouth and brows. The two of them have dresses made of matching fabric with rosebuds on it. I aged their dresses. Their hair is raw wool and is needlefelted on their heads.

From Alice, creator of this doll:

Enjoy Mother's Day! If you are a mom, lucky you, and if your mother is still here, again, lucky you!

I am happy to be a mom and have a wonderful mom. Think I will make aebilskiver (Danish pancakes) for all on Sunday.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone.



  1. thank you for the feature. Yes her hands and feet have worked hard over the years.

  2. What a lovely doll, and the photo really does it justice. I just love it. Thank you for her link!

  3. Love the doll....incredible!

  4. Love mom and baby, wonderful done! :) Yes all mom work hard for their kids!